Alister Stella Gray

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Alister Stella Gray

class: Noisette Rose
breeding: Gray, 1894
photographed by Daphne Filiberti in her garden
another photo of Alister Stella Gray

'Alister Stella Gray' is a beautiful rose. It is also known as 'Golden Rambler'. Charming clusters of 'Alister Stella Gray' display an assortment of yellows through to ivory when fading. The almost perfectly scrolled roses open like golden jewels, then flatten into silky, soft-yellow, double roses of about three inches in diameter. Bouquets of clusters embellish long pliant, almost thornless stems. The rose has a good reliable repeat, especially in the autumn. Foliage is dark green and the roses are scented of tea and a soft fruity infusion. The rose has reached 15 feet and is trained on an arbor in my garden with other yellow Noisettes. It looks beautiful with white phlox, such as 'Miss Lingard', and pastel colored irises. The rose seems to be quite healthy in general. There is a beautiful illustration on 'Alister Stella Gray' in The Graham Stuart Thomas Rose Book.

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