Mme Jules Bouché

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Mme Jules Bouché

class: Hybrid Tea Rose
breeding: Croibier, 1911
photographed by Daphne Filiberti in her garden

Here is a picture of 'Mme Jules Bouché', a hybrid tea from 1911, bred by Croibier. The rose is one of the strongest growers among my older hybrid teas, a vigorous beauty. Brent Dickerson cites the Journal de Roses (1877-1914), describing the rose as, "vigorous, branches slender and strong, bud very long, flower large, full, well formed, petals of great substance, folding back at expansion." The rose is useful for cutting, elegant and beautiful in its subtle shades of white. N. F. Miller believed the rose smelled like violets. This rose is a true gem from old, perhaps lost times.

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