Souvenir de Mme Boullet

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Souvenir de Mme Boullet

class: Hybrid Tea Rose
breeding: pernet-Ducher, 1921
photographed by Daphne Filiberti in her garden

Blackberries are indigenous to our area. Instead of trying to get rid of them, we have decided to work with them. We have trained them up on posts between two brick pillars in the front of our house. The brick pillars are covered with 'Souvenir de Mme Boullet, Climbing', a fine rose that was bred by Pernet-Ducher in 1921. The rose is one of the first to bloom in my garden, and it does so in profusion. The scrolled buds of a firey golden infusion are voluptuous when opening, strongly scented of tea, and they make wonderful cut flowers and any stage of opening. The new growth is a brick to plum colored red. The roses are healthy and don't really require any spraying. I grow these roses with velvety-violet Salvia leucantha 'Midnight', which attracts hummingbirds; rosemary; some unidentified black-red Hybrid Teas; and a half dozen 'English Garden' roses. People ask me the name of these roses all the time. I purchased them from Limberlost Nursery.

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