Rosa gallica 'Conditorum'

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class: Gallica
synonyms: Conditorum, R. gallica conditorum
breeding: Dieck, 1889
photographed by Daphne Filiberti in her garden
another photo of Conditorum

I love the way the Guillot catalogue describes Rosa gallica 'Conditorum': "rich ruby blooms, a constellation of flowers like a tiara on erect branches". Rosa gallica Conditorum is believed to be an ancient form of Rosa gallica. The rose was reintroduced in 1889 by the botanist Dieck de Zochen. François Joyaux believes the rose was also known as Zuckerrosen, an ancient rose that was cited by the botanist Joachim Camerarius (1534-1598), which corresponds to Parkinson's Rosa hungarica. Each bloom of this rose sparkles. The golden stamens look like jewels decorated and partially hidden by the rich, velvety, ruby-red colored petals. The rose has been used in Hungary for rose water and to make confections. The perfume is like a sweet delicacy.

©2005 Daphne Filiberti