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class: Hybrid Rugosa
breeding: Ivan Louette, 1996
photographed at Chaumont-Gistoux in Belgium by Daphne Filiberti

Ivan says the following about this rose: "'Coriandre' was a natural seedling which occured in my rose garden at a time I grew very few botanical roses. Thus it was very easy to identify it as a crossing between a double rugosa (I hesitate between 'Parfum de L'Haÿ' and another unknown one) and a well perfumed clone of R. palustris I got from Louis Lens. It has a strong and refined spiced perfume reminiscent of coriander seeds and bergamote, which can be carried far away in the air (up to 20 m after warm summer rains). I have sown the achenes of 'Coriandre' open pollinated and I obtained many different forms, all interesting to put in an hedge. Some of them are nearly identical to double flowered R. palustris, other ones are close to rugosa (I have a deep purplish carmine one with cup shaped flowers), and another very special form has shiny carolina like foliage and large double flowers with an hemispherical receptacle like the Banshee rose or 'Rose d'Amour' and 'Rose d'Orsay'. I have sown this one too and I am waiting for the first flowers on its very variable descendants, perhaps this year."

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