Diana Lynn

painting by Diana Lynn

Diana lives with her husband and two hormonal teenagers near the bay area in California. Her family enjoys aspects of creativity. Her husband designs and builds for industries involving computers. Her son designs and builds kite boards and her daughter loves music, playing her cello often.

Gardening is Diana's passion. "I enjoy sketching out plans for the garden, digging in the dirt, planting, nurturing, and even weeding. It's like therapy."

Her favorite flower is the rose. "There are so many colors that spice up the garden or soothe. And their perfume! If those scents could be put on scratch and sniff paper. There is sweet apricot, musk, sweet lemon, myrrh tea, and many more. I like to paint roses, to catch all the ways color, light, and shadows play through a rose. The translucency from the sun shining through the petals reminds me of a beautiful sunset."

Here is the David Austin rose, 'Jude the Obscure' she painted recently:

painting of Jude the Obscure by Diana Lynn

To contact Diana, please email her here.