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Hybrid Rugo-Gallica
Hybridized by Jean-Pierre Vibert 1999

This rose has flowers like a carnation; the petals are laciniate. The double flowers, measuring approximately two inches in diameter, are shaded pink with a button eye. This small shrub, with stiff wood and many prickles, reaches about three feet. The foliage is dark green and handsome with a lighter underside. Leaflets are in the shape of a spoon, and stipules and veins of the leaves are crimson. Not remontant.

Named for the famous castrato singer, Carlo Broschi (1705-1782) nicknamed Farinelli (floury) because he was the son of a miller. He was famous for a voice that was extraordinary in compass, quality and emotional appeal. Farinelli had a long and successful carreer in Italy, France, England and Spain. For more information see these pages.