Huntington's Hero

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Huntington's Hero

class: David Austin Rose
breeding: Huntington Trustees, 1984
photographed by Daphne Filiberti in her garden

'Huntington's Hero' has translucent sheer petals with a delicate, filtered rose coloring. These roses make dynamic bouquets. Each rose is filled with a character like the Dutch Master's roses; in clusters they have overwhelming beauty. Their scent is like myrrh. The foliage is green and glistening. I have had these roses planted a foot and a half apart for a couple of years. They are about four feet high. At first they are upright, then they bend over to a kind of stiff forty-five degree angle, weighted down my the depth of the large clusters at the tips of canes. They haven't really grown together into a nicely shaped shrub, instead they are full of the angular, wide growth of weighted down canes. I prefer these roses in the vase, where they make luxurious centerpieces.

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