Jayne Austin

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Jayne Austin

class: David Austin Rose
breeding: Austin, 1993
photographed by Daphne Filiberti in her garden

'Jayne Austin' is a golden, buff colored rose with old-world appeal. The roses of 'Jayne Austin' are full of many petals. The roses open as shallow cups that further open to become rosettes. Sometimes there is a button eye. 'Jayne Austin' has 'Gloire de Dijon' in her ancestry, and the rose seems at home when planted with Noisettes and Teas. 'Jayne' is an upright, seven feet in my garden. The rose is strong and sturdy, and hasn't needed any support. The rose would make a beautiful standing pillar. My rose has good disease-resistance, with plenty of nice healthy, pale green, semi-glossy leaves. 'Jayne Austin' has a beautiful tea fragrance, on occasion mine has been scented like myrrh. I have planted 'Jayne Austin' with 'Bouquet d'Or', which has similar coloring. Other companion roses are 'Gloire de Dijon, 'Céline Forestier', 'Alister Stella Grey', 'Jaune Desprez, 'and 'Mrs Oakley Fisher'. The rose is a fine addition to a bouquet with these roses.

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