Loba de Pennautier

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Loba de Pennautier

Hybrid Rugosa
Hybridized by Jean-Pierre Vibert 1999

The foliage and wood of this rose are like those of a Rugosa. The flowers are fragrant, very double (more than 60 petals), and measure approximately three inches across. At first the roses are an antique pink, but they deepen to mauve as they age. The reverse of the petals is a lighter color.

Named after Etiennette de Pennautier, a cathare lady, who lived in the 13th century. Na Loba, the she-wolf in Provençal, was her nickname. While married to Jourdain, Lord of Cabaret, she had a continuing relationship with the Count of Foix. She had children by both. She was famous for her beauty, and her love of music and musicians. During her life, the castle of Cabaret was a major pole of attraction for troubadours and later for Cathares resistance fighters during the Albigenses crusade.