Kathryn Morley

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Kathryn Morley

class: David Austin Rose
breeding: Austin, 1990
photographed by Daphne Filiberti in her garden

'Kathryn Morley' has large, full, cupped blooms that are perfectly pink. The roses cover an eight foot plant and elegantly drape down from long stems. The rose has bloomed almost non-stop this year in my Southern California garden. The canes are accommodating and have been trained around a pyramid. I have planted a silvery blue clematis as a companion, with blue geraniums at her feet. This combination seems to glow as a focal point in my garden. 'Kathryn Morley' did not look good in her second year. Now, after three years, I am very proud to say that I grow this rose and it is one of my favorites. The rose is easy to care for and is free of disease. The rose is sweetly scented like a pink fountain of eternal youth.

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