Notice about my Photography

All my photos prior to June 2003 were taken with my Minolta SRT201. This was the camera that my parents bought for me 25 years ago for my first photography class in school. I took that first photography class with the Bay Area artist, Virginia Mack. I also took many other art classes with Virginia. She was a great teacher and I learned a lot from her. Since that time I have learned a lot about photography and studied with some excellent teachers. My photography is not limited to roses. I went on a photographic expedition in Africa when I was 18 years old. I take photos of a variety of subjects, anything interesting will do.

Before going to Europe in the summer of 2003, I upgraded my equipment. I brought a Nikon FM3A and purchased a Nikon FM2 while in Frankfurt. I also brought a variety of professional lenses, heavy glass.

The quality of my photographs has greatly improved.

I also took all my photos in Europe with professional, refrigerated slide film. The film I used is as close to true color as you can get with film.

I did not edit any of the photographs on my site, other than cropping and some feathering of the edges of the photographs (not the roses). The exception would be some artistic enhancements of 'Red Radiance' or the roses in the slide show on my rose color page. The colors you see are the colors of the photographs.

I scanned my images in, I did not use a digital camera. I used a tripod.

I must inform you that the quality of photos on the web is not print quality. The screen of the monitor has a resolution on 72dpi. Printed photographs are typically 200 to 300 dpi, less for newspapers. It makes sense to compress files to 72dpi for use on a website. Otherwise files would be too big and take too long to load. You also risk that someone can use your photographs without your knowledge. I have placed copyright notices on all my webpages and the photos on the web would not make suitable prints.

My photographs can be made available high res to rose publications. Just email me for details. My photos have appeared in many publications in the past including The American Rose Society's magazine and Mon Jardin & Ma Maison, in France (one of my photos made the cover). They have also been broadcast on VH1. They have also appeared in a number of rose society newsletters-Santa Clarita Rose Society and the South Coast Rose Society, for example. My articles have appeared in a number of publications as well.