Nathalie-Olga de Montalembert

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Nathalie-Olga de Montalembert

Hybrid Wichurana
Hybridized by Jean-Pierre Vibert 2001

This rose has double, cream-pink blooms, each measuring two and a half inches across. Foliage is bright, dark green. Growth is vigorous, reaching 16 to 22 feet in height. Not remontant.

Named for the Countess Nathalie-Olga of Montalembert, widow of Count Bertrand of Montalembert (1916-2002), born Nathalie-Olga de Manneville (b. 1930-). She married Count Bertrand of Montalembert in 1955; they had no children. She uses her given names to sign her artistic productions.