Mme Pierre Oger

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Mme Pierre Oger

class: Bourbon
breeding: Verdier, 1878
photographed by Daphne Filiberti in her garden

Mme Pierre Oger is a sport of Reine Victoria. Both roses were raised by the French nurseryman, Pierre Oger. The rose is an exquisitely beautiful pearl white whose petal edges warm to hues of lilac, China reds and pinks when the sun touches them. The form is globular, holding it's cupped form, and outstanding. Peter Beales describes the shape as resembling small water lilies. They are delicate and graceful. The scent is soft and compelling with tones of Damask and fruit. She can get blackspot like Reine Victoria. I have had this rose planted in my garden for five years. It has attained a height of around eight feet. At first the growth is upright, then it branches out. It is the most upright Bourbon that I have. It vases out, but hasn't proven to be a suitable climber. I think the rose should be planted with dainty or fine companions. Anything overpowering would take away from her iridescent beauty.
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