Queen Nefertiti

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Queen Nefertiti

class: David Austin Rose
breeding: Austin, 1988
photographed by Daphne Filiberti in her garden

I love the way that Heirloom Old Garden Roses describes 'Queen Nefertiti': Her mystique is that the old-fashioned, fully double blooms can be at times pink, soft-yellow and apricot; not different but different individual colors. 'Queen Nefertiti' is a lovely surprise in my garden. The rose is planted near 'Mutabilis', which has a similar degree of mutability and complementary colors. 'Queen Nefertiti' is easy to care for and free of disease. The shrub is a bushy, compact three feet. 'Queen Nefertiti' would be well suited to a pot because the rose has a neat, tidy appearance. I did not group this rose in a planting of three. Instead 'Queen Nefertiti' is planted beneath an arbor with golden Noisettes, 'Jayne Austin', and 'Mrs Oakley Fisher'. The rose has a nice Tea-scent. I like to sit and enjoy the rose while sipping a nice cup of Mandarine Orange Spice Tea.

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