Redouté's Damask and Bifera Roses

Rosa bifera officinalis Rosa bifera alba Rosa Bifera Variegata

Rosa Damascena Italica

Rosa Bifera pumila Rosa Bifera macrocarpa
Rosa Damascena Coccinea Rosa Damascena Variegata
Rosa Damascena aurore Rosa Damascena Celsiana Rosa Damascena Subalba Rosa Damascena Celsiana prolifera

Thory, the botanist who wrote the text for Redouté's Les Roses, classified Damasks separately from Biferas based on the receptacle or seed pods of the plants. He set out the differences between Damasks, Biferas, Albas, and Centifolias as follows:
R. damascena: receptacle swollen towards the middle and narrowing at both ends.
R. bifera: receptacle funnel-shaped, confluent with the pedicel.
R. alba: receptacle ovoid, globose at the base, like an inverted thimble
R. centifolia: receptacle ovoid, globose at the top; pedicel much longer; petiolar prickles absent

Redouté's Damask and Bifera Roses

Rosa bifera officinalis
Rosier des Parfumeurs
Rosa Damascena Coccinea
Rosier de Portland
(Duchesse of Portland)
Rosa Bifera alba
Rosier des Quatre Saisons à fleurs blanches
Rosa Damascena Variegata
Rosier de York et de Lancaster
(York and Lancaster)
Rosa Bifera Variegata
Rosier des Quatre Saisons à fleurs panachée
Rosa Damascena aurora
Rosier Aurore Poniatowska
Rosa Bifera pumila
Le petit Quatre Saisons
Rosa Damascena
Rosier de Cels
Rosa Bifera macrocarpa
La Quatre Saisons Lelieur
(Rose du Roi)
Rosa Damascena Italica
La Quatre Saisons d'Italie
Rosa Damascena Subalba
Rosier de Damas à Pétale teinté de rose
(R. x dupontii)
Rosa Damascena Celsiana prolifera
Rosier de Cels à fleurs prolifères

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