Tour aux Fées

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Tour aux Fées

Hybrid Longicuspis
Hybridized by Jean-Pierre Vibert 2001

This vigorous climber, which can reach a height of 16 feet or more, puts on a very beautiful, decorative show. Buds are shaded yellow and copper when just beginning to open, but continue to develop into pure white, single flowers with exposed golden yellow stamens. The flowers come in clusters. Each flower measures about two and a half inches across. Canes are well armed. Heps are round, an orange yellow, and measure three or four inches. Not remontant.

Named for the Gallo-Roman archeological site known as Tour aux Fées in Allonnes (Sarthe), near Le Mans, France. This was one of the principal places of worship for eight centuries from the fourth century B. C. onward. A temple located at the site was dedicated to the Celtic god Mullo, which was later integrated into the Gallo-Roman religion as Mars-Mullo.