Louise Odier

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Louise Odier

class: Bourbon
synonyms: Mme de Stella
breeding: Margottin, 1851
photographed by Daphne Filiberti in her garden

Louise Odier, also known as Mme de Stella, was bred by Margottin in 1851. The bright lilac pink rose is distinctively feminine, elegant, and highly refined with a fresh fragrance of raspberry and deep Damask rose. The center of the rose is quartered framed by outwardly folding petals, which form an intricate lacing of concentric circles. The flowers can come in heavy clusters that arch down the canes. The rose makes a lovely small climber, and is about 8 feet in my garden. It can be vulnerable to blackspot and mildew, so precautions may be necessary. Louise Odier looks best when it is not planted near anything that is overwhelming, so that the rose's fine features can be accentuated.
another photo of Louise Odier

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